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Upgrade for Aladdin

in chapter 333, page 8

We were told that Aladdin had surpassed solomon in strength.

Thus Aladdin should scale to Solomon at the very least and possibly higher since he is superior to solomon now, The wiki has Solomon at universal thus this should upgrade Aladdin to universal too. I think this is a fair enough upgrade, Magi recently had a timeskip and we know Aladdin got stronger and the author has basically confirmed he is superior to Solomon which has been a long time coming.
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This might just refer to Solomon not linked with Ill Ilah, its not like if Aladdin has had contact with current Solomon to our knowledge. This is a scenario where its better to just wait and see how feats check out.
Fair enough

Although if Ill illah is considered Universal+ by the wiki then So should Aladdin be, since Solomon before he became god Overpowered Ill illah and became god himself by forcefully taking all of Ill illah's ruhk and changing it then sharing it with the world, as well as sealing ill illah in a separate dimension

But that would only be if Ill illah is considered universal+, there isn't a profile for him yet i think
Ill Ilah is universe+, but how it worked seemed to be quite peculiar. Id say Solomon more like hacked Ill Ilah since he definetely did not seem to have any capacity near universe+ till after taking its place, which was pretty much even pointed out at the end of the chapter by showing that Solomon was now part of the flow of Rukh of that world something which wasnt the case before, ergo an obvious jump in abilities and therefore tier for Solomon.
I think a few things that might help would be some statements

Firstly Solomon says he is going to steal all the Ruhk from Ill illah and Ruhk is the thing which creates the life energy of Magi, Magoi which if they use too much of they can die

Then Ugo says "Are you going to KILL god and recreate the world!?"
Which Solomon somewhat confirms by saying "To violate and disgrace god is the same thing david did!"
As in what he planned to do is no different from what david planned to do (David also wanted to steal all the power ill illah had)

Then Solomon took all the ruhk away from ill illah which would have obviously required him to be superior or to overpower him, this was done whilst Solomon was still in his magician form by the way since he only became a god AFTER ill illah had been ripped off his ruhk

He also Sealed ill illah away in a separate dimension

He not only did that but also managed to change all the ruhk (which is the cause of pretty much everything in the magi universe, also the source of their life energy) by rewriting it with his own ruhk and shared it all around the world

So yeah, i think all the evidence points towards Solomon overpowering ill illah, stealing all of his ruhk and then rewriting it and sealing ill illah away. So magician solomon definitely should scale to ill illah

In fact the ill illah in the sacred palace should be weaker than the one Solomon overpowered since we've just had confirmation that ill illah's ruhk was ripped off from him (Although this would be weird since ill illah is somehow still alive and creating universes with ruhk, probably author inconsistency or he forgot what he wrote)

I definitely think this upgrade is ok, especially considering the timeskip should have given Aladdin a rise in power meaning it isn't an outlier or anything
I havent read the manga, but from what I see the upgrade seems fair, tho its upto said to approve this (Because he is the one who made profiles for magi IIRC)
How does a "possibly Universe+" justification sounds? Until we get solid feats for him
I think that'd be fair, Aladdin is definitely leaps and bounds ahead of anyone else in the world, him surpassing solomon has been coming for a while

And yeah we have no feats of him being universal so Possibly Universal+ should be fair enough
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